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Medical Transcription is a quick growing and evolving sector that’s been influenced by many factors through the years. As preferences and standards have been constantly changing we see that one of the most significant areas of medical transcription has been the shift to electronic patient record. What are the basic factors which have been responsible for development of the medical transcription sector of the healthcare industry?

If your goal isn’t achievable, you only set yourself up to fail. As I browsed some sites this weekend, I saw a good example of this when someone said they wanted to lose 100 pounds with a special event, that was only two months away! Probably that one isn’t achievable. In considering production, saying you will double your production next week probably is not achievable either. If you’re working full time, it’s not like you can devote 8 hours each day to that new class either. When setting an achievable goal, think about what resources you have available to do it. Be sure you’re setting yourself up for success by making it a goal you can actually attain.

Let’s look at some of the things that have occurred over the last few months in our industry. First, we saw the announcement of the purchase of WebMedx, a medical transcription company, by Nuance, a technology vendor who is very busy in the EHR world. The next thing I noticed was that Medquist, a transcription company, bought M-Modal, a technology vendor. This was followed by the announcement that Transcend, still another transcription company, bought Salar, an EHR company. Along with that I saw a couple of other things. From the Medquist press release, the new CEO spoke of rebranding the company and helping their clients with the move to the EHR. In a webinar sponsored by HIMSS, a representative of Nuance spoke of their plans to work with the IBM Watson technology and also described the”vision” of how documentation could be accomplished by running it through an SRT engine, using natural language processing, which would also attach data tags so that the structured data may be immediately put into the EHR. And, no, transcription wasn’t mentioned in that talk at all.

Fees to register for medical transcription courses are typically significant. Considering general transcription work instead of medical transcription can save you a lot of money and time since you don’t need to take any extensive, specialized courses.

As medical transcriptionists, we must always know about the quality of our work. That is, or should be, the number one priority at all times. However, we also all want to make as much money as we can in order to meet our obligations. How do we do this efficiently?

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For consistency, medical records are extremely important. Medical personnel protects healthcare providers in the event of legal battles and lawsuits. For each healthcare facility, it is important to maintain accurate and consistent medical records for appropriate operations.

Individuals writing medical transcription resumes need not concentrate on size constraints, as a resume can be of one or more pages depending on the experience of the person. On the other hand, it’s also important to keep in mind that the amount of pages does not necessarily increase with experience. Employers might be sometimes reluctant in picking and reading long resumes concerning medical transcription. Thus, a excellent medical transcription resumes should be brief, simple to read and interesting.

Needless to say, the cost is definitely a huge advantage that you’ll enjoy when you go with medical transcription outsourcing in Chicago Illinois. There are many companies that supply you with low cost outsourcing, which can save your medical facility lots of money. Rather than trying to look after transcription within your facility, choosing the work out can save money and ensure you get your documents completed as soon as possible.

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There has been a lot of demand to enhance patient safety, improve efficiency, and decrease the cost of transcription. Outsourcing has been a solution in this regard. However, even though it has become mandatory for transcription service providers and healthcare practices to have a HIPAA compliant environment, there are many companies who still need to adhere to this requirement.

The older work force basically isn’t open to new technology and might find it difficult to adapt to it. They are usually asked to perform editing work that could be less attractive because from the US editors are paid lesser than the transcription worker. Moreover wages are directly linked to production with payments made for transcription work done on a per line basis.

After a medical transcriptionist got the dictation tape from the physician, the information needs to be transcribed onto a template on the computer. Therefore, having the right computer and language skills is a must if you wish to take up medical transcription as a career.

This information is tied into the chart function in Excel and I can see a graphical representation of my progress. I feel that this feature is what has helped more than anything else. I get all excited when the chart is trending up! That motivates me to keep it moving in that direction. This is the emotional part that I mentioned. Even over a really short period of time there is a motivational factor present. If the money dipped down the day before due to one of the above reasons, it motivates me to get that yet another report done before it’s time to start dinner so I can improve only a little jot over yesterday.

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