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For consistency, medical records are extremely important. Medical staff protects healthcare providers in case of legal conflicts and lawsuits. For every healthcare facility, it’s important to keep accurate and consistent medical records for proper operations.

The EHR systems have many positive advantages but these advantages are offset by doctors being dissatisfied with having to spend more time doing data entry and clerical documentation that affects their interactions with patients as they split their time between the individual and documenting the patient record. In a response to the plummeting level of satisfaction of EHR systems by doctors, a new developing transcription trend is occurring – the medical scribe. This trend moves the scribe role away, yet more, from the doctor.

In the 1960’s, physicians started to use medical stenographers who would write down the doctors’ dictation in shorthand and then type up their notes on electric typewriters. With the development of the miniature and micro cassette recorder in the late 1960’s, doctor and scribe no longer needed to be face to face which enabled the transcribing to occur in a separate area and at a later time. Shorthand was no longer necessary as the stenographers could now form up the documentation directly from the dictation on the cassettes.

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According to the AHDI site, quality medical transcription requires above-average knowledge of English grammar and punctuation; excellent auditory skills, allowing the transcriptionist to translate sounds almost simultaneously with keyboarding; advanced proofreading and editing skills, ensuring accuracy of transcribed material; versatility in use of transcription equipment and computers; and highly developed analytical skills, employing deductive reasoning to convert sounds into meaningful form. The medical transcriptionist is a professional who takes the raw audio file and translates that into quality documentation.

Typing speed requirements for Oak Lawn’s medical transcriptionists that work in a traditional office environment will be different. Each business will set their own hiring standards. Faster typists are more likely to receive work quickly and may find themselves in a position to negotiate for better wages and benefits.

I believe this increase is largely due to the natural progression of things in the medical transcription profession. There are plateaus which produce our production rates stagnant. As we add to our store of language, become familiar with our speakers and utilize text expanders more efficiently, we increase in the speed at which we can produce quality reports.

Physicians in private practice frequently dictate office chart notes, letters, initial office evaluations, and history and physical assessments. Medical reports dictated in hospitals and medical facilities are numerous in class nonetheless, they invariably include dictations from the”basic four” reports: History and Physical Examination, Consultation Report, Operative Report, and Discharge Summary. Emergency Department Reports, hospital progress notes, and diagnostic studies are often dictated as well.

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The beauty of a career in this field is that the job market is continually growing and opening up opportunities above and beyond medical transcription. After a few years of steady work, lots of people decide to take their career to another level. Former MTs have gone on to become managers at companies or become medical transcription coaches in colleges or training facilities. If individuals decide to continue their education past the certification process, they’ll be qualified for positions as medical coders or medical records and health information administrators. The options are virtually endless and provide the distinctive perk of variety, making the field one of the most versatile and flexible professions around.

Quick and error-free medical transcription service is the need of the hour. Physicians want transcripts in quick turnaround time (TAT). Many specify TAT that could be as be as short as 10 hours for electronic radiology reports. Typing fast to ensure the designated turnaround could cause errors and transcriptionists end up wasting time correcting these mistakes. Of course, some professionals would argue that correcting errors is easily accomplished with a spellchecker or backspacing on the pc. But consider the time you can save on these non-transcription activities in the event you can create error-free transcripts the first time. In fact, accuracy is the key to achievement and higher productivity in transcription. Here are some important tips to help:

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