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Voice recognition technology has been threatening to eliminate the need for conventional medical transcription for several years. However, the truth of this situation is that, while speech recognition technology has no doubt increased in importance in the medical industry, it is not capable of replacing a traditional medical transcriptionist. Home medical transcription employment is as plentiful as ever, which bodes well for the future.

This is a procedure whereby dictation from physicians and other healthcare providers is transcribed and formatted into a medical document. The dictation occurs after a patient has seen a doctor and then he dictates the results of that visit. A medical transcriptionist (MT) listens to the dictation and transcribes into a word processor (such as WordPerfect or Word), or in some cases with a typewriter (very few, if any, still use typewriters today ). Types of reports include history and physicals, consultations, clinic notes, psychiatric evaluations, discharge summaries, x-ray reports, laboratory/pathology reports, and emergency department records. This document then becomes part of a patient’s medical record.

As medical jargons are also used in Lakewood, it’s important for you to have a good comprehension of medical terms and abbreviations. It would be catastrophic if information is incorrectly transcribed as the patients could be adversely affected.

Ophthalmology Transcription in Lakewood

First let me tell you a story. Several years ago when I was on the (then) AAMT Board of Directors, our CEO told us a story about what we came to refer to as the”dead moose on the table.” It moved (paraphrased) like this: There is a big dead moose on the table. Everyone knows it is there. Yet, nobody talks about it. And the longer nobody speaks about it, the more it stinks. Yet we continue to ignore it, hoping that both the moose and the stench will go away. Now we might even get out the Fabreze and try to eliminate it like that. But in the long run, there’s a dead moose, right there in the middle of the desk, and unless someone finally speaks up, the stink is only going to get worse. I think we have a moose on the table.

If your objective isn’t achievable, you only set yourself up to fail. As I browsed some sites this weekend, I saw a good example of this when somebody said they wanted to lose 100 pounds with a special event, that was only two months away! Probably that one isn’t achievable. In thinking about production, saying you will double your production next week probably isn’t achievable either. If you are working full time, it’s not like you can devote 8 hours a day to that new course either. When setting an achievable goal, think about what tools you have available to do it. Be sure that you’re setting yourself up for success by making it a target you can actually attain.

It has also helped me in making a schedule that’s both appropriate for me and my loved ones and is also the most helpful for my employer. Since using the spreadsheet as a scheduling tool, I find that I am usually working when I am most needed and always have a steady stream of work available. Needless to say, I am very lucky in that my account has lots of steady work. However, there continue to be slow times and it behooves me to prevent those so that I can be available as soon as the reports are flowing in at an alarming pace. This means I work most weekends and vacations, but I expected that going in. Hospitals do not close, now do they? The new medical transcriptionist must recognize that and, if they are independent contractors, then tailor their programs accordingly.

Medical transcription has not just helped physicians improve patient care but also enhanced the use of EMRs (electronic medical records). When compared to an EMR, medical transcription has various advantages. For instance, it takes more time to complete clinical documentation in Lakewood when physicians key data directly into the electronic records system. However, by incorporating transcription services with the EMR, doctors can make efficient use of the time. They can transfer the data-entry, clerical responsibilities to the transcribers rather than spending time documenting in the EMR.

As medical transcriptionists, we must always know about the quality of our work. That is, or at least should be, the number one priority at all times. However, we also all want to make as much money as we can in order to meet our obligations. How do we do this efficiently?

Medical Transcription Services and Quality Patient Care in New Jersey

According to the AHDI site, quality medical transcription requires above-average understanding of English grammar and punctuation; excellent auditory abilities, allowing the transcriptionist to interpret sounds almost concurrently with keyboarding; advanced proofreading and editing skills, ensuring accuracy of transcribed material; flexibility in use of transcription equipment and computers; and highly developed analytical skills, employing deductive reasoning to convert sounds into meaningful form. The medical transcriptionist is a professional who takes the raw audio file and translates that into quality instruction.

So, is your medical scribe where we go from here or are there other trends waiting in the wings for us to find? Clearly, the medical profession in Lakewood NJ works best for the interest of the patient once the doctor and scribe functions are separated. Physicians can do what they are best trained to perform in treating and healing patients and scribes can do what they are best trained to do in providing quality instruction. This mutually beneficial relationship between physician and scribe benefits not just each other but is a positive for the healthcare industry.

Carefully documented care procedures are quite helpful for ensuring healthcare inventions. Medical transcription services are extremely useful in this context since it makes accurate data accessible to healthcare professionals.

So proceed (key) slowly and make sure there are no errors so you don’t have to make any adjustments. What is the best way to do this? Listen to what the doctor is saying, understand the specific context, pause the playback and type the sentence. This will allow you to catch the ideal meaning and type properly. Listening does not mean merely hearing what is said, but knowing each word in the dictation. If you have the ability to understand unique accents, this would definitely be a plus point.

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