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Medical Transcription is a quick growing and evolving sector that has been influenced by several factors over the years. As preferences and criteria have been constantly changing we see that among the most crucial areas of medical transcription has been the shift to digital patient record. What are the basic factors that have been responsible for evolution of the medical transcription industry of the healthcare market?

Medical transcription will help in the process of health care integration by using easy-to-use technology. Access to transcribed, error-free medical records also helps physicians share relevant patient information with other medical support staff and professionals for better treatment. Since the data is made available to the physicians in no time, they can make use of specified modes to deliver documents to other healthcare facilities.

Transcriptionist work also requires that you make use of the books you get from the training course including your dictionary, medical wordbook, and drug wordbooks (if you have them). It is important that you have access to each of these references because not all are the same. The more places you have access to, the more likely it is you will find what you are looking for. If you didn’t receive training, try shopping online at or for some popular medical transcription reference books.

If the procedure is done properly the files will be more easily accessible and accurate and will, consequently, help medical offices and hospitals operate more smoothly. It’s important that physicians and medical transcriptionists establish a strong working relationship and have continuous communication for the procedure to be successful. The doctors must be meticulous in their records, making sure to speak clearly and include every piece of information needed for the patient’s file. If there are any mistakes, not only will the physician’s and transcriptionist’s jobs be at risk, but the individual may receive the incorrect medication or diagnosis. Unfortunately, there are many physicians who just decide not to review their dictations before handing them over to a transcriptionist and will instead sign off on the recording via a digital signature. When this happens, the transcriptionist must be more meticulous in the writings and is encouraged to voice any concerns about the original dictation. Due to the ever-present time crunch in medical offices and hospitals, these kinds of errors are not uncommon, making correct transcription that much more vital.

Now let’s look at what is happening to the people in our world. In the past two weeks, I’ve heard more stories than I could even count about good, experienced, well experienced MTs being laid off from their jobs. Why? Technology means businesses can do more with less. And yes, sometimes it’s also because the company is outsourcing more of its work. I hear the stories from MTs who are small business owners of their workload being half of what it had been a year ago due to the electronic health record. Schools are challenged with what to do to best prepare their students for sustainable future employment. How do you teach everything we teach today and still teach the newest technologies that are emerging? Students in programs and who are new professionals in our industry are asking what the future looks like for them as well.

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Along with earning some sort of degree or certification, another important skill that potential MTs need is a good understanding of medical terminology. A good place to see is, which is a website that offers online training in medical terminology free of charge. Other training qualities that may be beneficial for those interested a career as an MT are proficiency in English grammar, experience working with advancing technology (especially with listening and recording devices), and experience with word processing software. Also, since they spend a lot of their time listening to notes and other files with a recording device, it’s necessary to have good hearing and listening skills.

It is true that auto-backspace from the dictation recorders available now is a great help. However, there is a problem with automatic-backspace on playback: it rewinds the tape or dictation when you stop and this can be a waste of time as you would have to listen to a portion of dictation that you transcribed once again. The solution is to set automatic backspace so you only hear a single word once you stop.

Anybody can be a medical transcriptionist. The assumed basic qualifications for a medical transcriptionist is that a person only needs to have an excellent knowledge in English and good typing speed. But in fact, there are many skills a medical transcriptionist must have. He must be well trained and knowledgeable in the medical field, this is where the successful are distinguished from the unfortunate.

Your goal should be specific. If you are working on increasing your line count, be specific about how much. It doesn’t work as well to say”I intend to do more lines.” Much better would be to say”I will do 5 more lines every hour.” Consider the same for those of you who are beginning the credential study program. Simply saying”I will study my lessons” might not get you far. However, setting a goal that says”I will spend an hour three times a week with this” would be a better method of doing that!

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Voice recognition technology has been threatening to eliminate the need for traditional medical transcription for several years. However, the truth of this situation is that, while speech recognition technology has undoubtedly increased in significance in the healthcare industry, it is not capable of replacing a standard medical transcriptionist. Home medical transcription job is as plentiful as ever, which bodes well for the future.

In recent years the medical field has been going to great lengths to provide ways for doctors to spend more quality time with their patients and less time doing paperwork and updating files. To hone in on this problem the medical transcription profession was created.

Transcription systems are an integral part of the medical transcription profession. Without certain supplies, or systems, transcribing the medical report would not be possible. The more useful tools that today’s medical transcriber has, the smoother the day will proceed. Transcriptionist work is all about speed and accuracy. A medical report must be transcribed quickly and with no errors every time in order to make this career worthwhile and make a hefty medical transcriptionist salary.

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